000 days

since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

What our GDPR & Policy Lead & Training coordinator do


Role description & responsibilities

This role is part of the sub group that supports the CIC committee. The role’s tasks include:


  1. Understand and familiarise themselves with the appropriate policies in place:
  2. GDPR Policy
  3. Raising and Escalating Concerns Policy
  4. Safeguarding Policy
    • Operate independently, impartially and professionally
    • Review current policy and advise the committee of any amendments required
    • Assist the organisation in ensuring they are complying with GDPR requirements by all members. This is especially important as the majority of work is done virtually and online
    • Attend CiC committee meeting three times a year to feedback on role and issues arising (March, September & November)
    • Make themselves available to support group members who wish to raise any relevant aspects.
    • Liaise with external FTSU guardians to identify joint working to benefit the purposes of NMCWatch
    • Advise CIC committee on any aspects to address with the annual aims and campaigning set out.


    • Determine common themes in the support group that would benefit from training packages
    • Assist the Director and Found of the CIC in structuring an online training package to address the above.
    • Develop a training program for registrants under FtP needing to write appropriate reflections in line with NMC requirement
    • Assist in ongoing conferences and/or webinars on specific topics throughout the year.

Qualities and Skills Required

This role requires a range of skills and competencies. These include, but are not limited to, skills and competencies in:

    • Good communication skills – written and verbal
    • Partnership building and relationship management
    • IT skills
    • Driving continuous improvement
    • Time management and prioritisation
    • Measuring effectiveness and impact
    • Training and capability building
    • Autonomy and independent working

Time Commitment

    • 2 – 4 hours per month
    • Length of Position: Minimum 1 year