000 days

since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

Projects & Partnership

Following pilot periods, we have now secured a number of programs in order to improve the work we are doing and address key themes that our members feedback to us.

  1. Advocacy and Case management  for non-represented registrants
  2. Buddy support: peer-to-peer support funded by The Laura Hyde Foundation

We are also continuing  the following pilots:

  1. Employment for registrants under investigation by the NMC

We are also working with a number of organisations that share the themes and beliefs that we do in order to raise the profile of the impact this process has on nurses and midwives across our profession.

One such organisation is Nurse Lifeline.

They are working to build a strong team and create a firm foundation from which they can support vulnerable members within our profession. We know that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. 

Rates of burnout, compassion fatigue and emotional isolation within nursing and midwifery are rapidly increasing, and have only been exacerbated by recent global events. We believe that by standing together and offering peer-led, non-judgemental support services and signposting, nurses, midwives and healthcare support workers across the UK may develop tools to improve their personal well-being and resilience. We hope they feel encouraged to know that they are not alone. We’re here to create community through peer support.

Let’s get talking about mental and emotional well-being. 

Cathryn, our founder,  is volunteering on the telephone support service and we can’t wait to hear more about it.

She tells us: “This is such an important initiative by Nurse Lifeline. At NMCWatch we see the impact that investigations at employer level and by our regulator, the NMC, has on the mental well-being of nurses, midwives and nursing associates. But we also hear from those professionals who haven’t had investigations but are still extremely anxious that it is only a matter of time before their either make a mistake or are blamed for someone else’s. We help our patients and clients every day cope with their mental health but we struggle to reach out for help ourselves.

Nurse Lifeline are providing a vital service that is run by nurses and midwives for nurses and midwives – peer-to-peer support is so important but so often lacking. We need to start caring for each other better.”