000 days

since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

Additional support

Here are some links to organisations that either we work closely with or you might find useful.

  • The Laura Hyde Foundation: They offer support and guidance around mental health issues and have many resources available including a wellbeing service and free counselling service
  • Whistleblowers UK: One of the leading organisations out there for whistleblowers. They are championing the move to have The Office for the Whistleblower as they recognise that current PIDA protection does not work. If you are a whistleblower you can speak to them confidentially for advice. They look at whistleblowing across all professions not just healthcare so have lots of experience.
  • The Ben Cohen Stand up to Foundation: is a charity set up by sports personality Ben Cohen. They look at bullying in the workplace and how to enable those suffering from this to get help. They particularly champion LGBT groups
  • The Freedom Law Clinic:  A resource of law students looking at how they can assist in regulatory misjustice. In some circumstances they may be able to offer probono legal representation
  • Queen Mary’s Advice Centre: can offer free advice on specific advice but can not represent at hearing
  • NHS Talking Therapies: Don’t need a GP referral or diagnosed mental health condition, just need to be registered with a GP.
  • NMC Careline – don’t worry this is completely independent of the NMC!
  • Johnathon Whines counselling and psychotherapy: experienced in dealing with physical effects of trauma
  • Bloom provide a really good app that can give you CBT techniques – has a 7 day free trial period so why not try it out
  • Royal College of Nursing: free for RCN members – currently 4 to 5 weeks to start counselling