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Mar 20, 2021 | Reflection | 2 comments

Since the original post, this nurse has returned to practice and done extraordinarily well. Not only did he secure a job as soon as he returned to practice, but he also continued to develop into more senior roles. This is a true example of how, even when things go horribly wrong, there is still opportunity to remediate and be a valued member of the profession.

First published 12 Sept 2018

Thank you so so so much NMCWatch – Cathryn Watters, Conell M Loggenberg and Simon Holborn. Having endured the best part of 8/9 years of a nightmare I have finally been restored to the register. My journey and case yesterday initiated a panel member actually crossing the hearing room, the panel secretary following me out… and down the hallway.. and the legal assessor for the NMC … actually catching up with me outside on the street !! All to just shake my hand.
They said, ‘brutal honesty’, ‘inspirational’ and ‘we have never heard anything like it!’ The legal secretary said ‘I’ve learnt so much today it was incredible’ I shared my journey, from the terrible disreputable employer, the descent into drinking, the difficulties of facing a possible deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq… the damaging consequences of alcoholism on my actual character. Mostly though, my journey into sobriety and how I did it. I explained just how many people have alcohol, as a factor, in their appearance at the NMC… how it devastates the lives of good nurses who are compelled towards helping others as a vocation and under current stresses and conditions.
We are compelled through vocation, not money, and how we fail.
They were, I think, quite stunned. Especially when my 3 witnesses, all in recovery from alcoholism, a fellow RMN, a management consultant and author, and a financial manager, gave their testimony. I hope to help others and am at 4 years now without a drop of alcohol. My army past and bad times behind me, I’m off to a return to practise course very soon. Always having done the right thing … as a flawed and normal person.
Once again, thanks NMCWatch x

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  1. Molly

    The NMC make you feel guilty before they’ve seen any evidence into allegations! Destroy people’s health and well being!

    • NMC Watch

      thank you for your feedback – sorry to hear this – we hope we can change this


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