what we offer

What NMCWatch does

We know it can be hard. Nurses and Midwives subject to Fitness to Practice Proceedings can often feel isolated. We seek to offer them emotional and peer support alongside legal guidance.


We aim to empower registrants to make the right choices


We support them through their decision-making process

Online support

  • Free online support to nurses and midwives via a closed Facebook page.
  • Peer support to those suffering effects from the process.
  • Linking to others in same geographical area to give local support.
  • Signposting to other organisations which can assist.

Pressure group

We listen to what you tell us and gather common themes. We then pressure the NMC to change how they deal with these issues and help to influence a more positive process that still protects the public but also remembers there is a person at the centre.

Advocacy & Care

Many nurses and midwives ( registrants ) in our group, are going through the process with little support. They are financially restricted due to the investigations and so unable to fund people to assist with their cases.

We have an ongoing fundraising page to assist:

  • Paying expenses (travel & accommodation) for one of our group to accompany the registrant to High Court Appeals, hearings, or meetings as Mckenzie Friend.
  • Mentoring through writing reflections and preparing documentary evidence for the case.
  • Attending disciplinary hearings with the registrant.
  • Liaising with the NMC and other organisations to troubleshoot blockers.
  • Representation and advocacy at NMC hearings if funds allow.
  • Hardship loans – on basis of the registrant paying back to the fund once circumstances change.
  • Campaigning for improvement in the FtP process and support beyond case closure.
  • Training modules for those out of work.

Who we are

Meet the CiC

Our Committee has a wealth of experience across a broad range of healthcare practices.

Who we are

Our Admin team

The Admin team run our main support group on Facebook. It is a private group whose members have joined if they are registrants going through, or have been through Fitness to Practice investigations with the NMC.