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We are constantly working with nurses and midwives, supporting them through various stages of Fitness to Practice investigations.

Our work generates a lot of expenses, whether the cost of moving around and ‘showing up’ to help people face-to-face, or running costs of this website, phone lines, events, etc.

We also aim to help registrants who are struggling financially during their FtP process. This can be the difference between people surviving through it and, at the end of the process, being in a better place to rebuild their careers and lives, or not.

Please donate anything you can. Even buying us a coffee or two makes a difference to our work.

Thank you!

You can also donate via GoFundMe or Buy Me a Coffee.

What your donations pay for:

Supporting one registrant through FtP –

£350 per day of Advocacy Support

£200 per day for Mackenzie’s friend

(For in-person hearings, the NMC will pay expenses for the registrant but not their legal rep/assistant.)

£75 per night (cheap) London hotel accommodation

£100 average return travel ticket to London

£100 per diem support payment to registrant.

  • We offer support for people at hearings when we can. We would like to be able to do this more regularly.
  • Most hearings are virtual now but a per diem to support time away from work really helps registrants.

“Buy a cuppa” – donate towards a recovery pack. Goodie bags for registrants having a particularly tough time (chocolate, candle, gift card, etc).


Initial contact with a registrant needing advocacy takes 3hrs and then approx 1hr a week.

Lead up to a hearing will require at least one day of preparation, if not more – 

£25 per hr for Case Worker

£75 per hr for Advocate

Attending NMC council meetings costs approx £100 a day for travel and a small attendance fee.


£15 admin cost of getting a new registrant onto the support group.

On average it takes at least 40 mins – 1hr once checks and a video call are completed.

Annual subscriptions

£130 website hosting

£150 CRM 

£120 Zoom

£500 Insurance

Buy a book by Simon Holborn

Simon has published several books based on his experiences of helping people through FTP. You can help support our work by buying any of these, either in paperback or Kindle format.

Click a cover to buy on Amazon.

My FTP Reflective Journey (Kindle)

Reflective assistance for Registrants facing fitness to practice proceedings

My FTP Reflective Journey (Paperback)

Reflective assistance for Registrants facing fitness to practice proceedings

The Empowered Registrant's Handbook (Paperback)

Unlocking Success in Fitness to Practice Proceedings

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Having your direct support is about knowing that the work we do is fully appreciated. It enables us to do our work and, crucially, to also demonstrate to policy-makers and funders how meaningful that work is.