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CW 2017-2018 – costs of hearing, loss of passion

Feb 25, 2022 | Case Studies, Reflection, Resources | 0 comments

Based on a Freedom Of Information request and court costs observed during an appeal case at the same time – these costs were worked out at the rates given below:


3 day FtP hearing                                    £9,084 = strike off order

1 day appeal                                            £1,568 = reduced to 2 month suspension

1 day SOR                                                £9,084 = order revoked with immediate effect

Total                                                           £19,736

The registrant was returned to the register to continue to work as an RN. However, it took a further 6 weeks for her PIN to become active during which time she was unable to work. She estimates that the whole process cost her approximately £60,000 in lost earnings – none of this could be recouped and although she continues to work as a nurse, it is at a much lower level than before.

Nearly 5 years on from her successful appeal she says that she has lost her passion for the job and it is now only a means to earn a salary. Her aim is to take early retirement as soon as she can afford to as she feels that her trust in the profession is gone and that she continues to fear making mistakes.

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