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Cost of hearing: TH (2022)

Nov 3, 2022 | Case Studies, Opinion | 0 comments

TH was faced with 60 charges against him – revolving around dishonesty.

On day 6 of his hearing his legal team was able to get 59 of these charges dismissed.

By Day 6 the following costs can be accounted for:

  1. Panel costs = £5,760
  2. Legal Assessor costs = £3,000 +VAT
  3. Case presenter costs = £8,775
  4. Panel secretary costs = £5,622

Total cost to NMC for proceeding with the case at hearing = £23,157

This is equivalent to 193 registrant’s annual fees.

This is without the cost it has taken over the last 2 years to get this case to hearing.

This is without the cost to the registrant of lost wages and loss of professional standing.

On Day 7 of the case only 1 charge was left standing – the registrant hopes to get this dismissed also.

If this case had only stood on the basis of 1 charge it may have been able to be resolved without going to hearing or indeed completed in 1 day. There is no accountability for how these funds are spent.

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