000 days

since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

who we are

Our Philosophy

NMCWatch is a supportive ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC) comprised of nurses, midwives, nurse associates and some allied healthcare professionals.

We support each other and share our experiences and strengths and we do this to improve the negative impacts of Fitness to Practice (FTP) processes and the trauma often caused by FTP referral and restoration proceedings. We support those who have returned to their vocation but who remain damaged or traumatised by their experiences.

The only requirement to join NMCWatch is that you are a healthcare professional, on or off the register, and that you need this kind of support. Evidence of suitability to join the group may be asked for to maintain the group’s safety.
We promise to challenge any unfairness or mistreatment sensitively, and we respect all our members. Whilst we do encourage donations to support our increasing workload and running costs, we endeavour to support ourselves individually by our own means.

We do not endorse or associate with any outside organisation unless we agree they share our aims. To maintain an objectiveness towards the issues raised by our activities, we are not affiliated with any religious or political organisation.

All posts on our support group Facebook page will be related to our purpose and unrelated posts may be removed to avoid distracting from or diluting our aims.
Because of the group’s informality, and being a voluntary group, if NMCWatch does not meet any members’ needs, we will always help signpost to find more detailed, suitable and professional support. We are here to help each other through complex processes so we recognise that we cannot be a ‘one stop shop’ on all matters.

Conflict within the group will be dealt with neutrally and professionally with the safeguarding lead ensuring harm or potential harm is not caused.
Although NMCWatch aims to deal with matters professionally and in a caring manner, we are run by volunteers and are therefore non-professional. We are ‘nurses helping nurses’ so we try to manage members’ expectations.

We aim to promote unity of purpose by avoiding the controversy of being polarised by any outside matters. Any members repeatedly not supporting our philosophy and purpose will be given support to do so. Ultimately members can removed from the group if the issues negatively impact others.

Our primary purpose is to support nurses, associates and midwives in relation to the FTP process. We also aim to create the required pressure to encourage the nursing regulators (and any of their associates and partners) to treat nurses and midwives better and with more care.

Updated 28.03.2024


NMCWatch was established in 2017 to provide support to nurses, midwives and associated healthcare professionals …


Nurses and midwives – like all professionals working in health and care – are subject to scrutiny by a regulatory body.


We provide a non-judgmental support, advice and advocacy service for all nurses, midwives and nursing associates

Who we are

Meet the CiC

Our Committee has a wealth of experience across a broad range of healthcare practices.

Who we are

Our Admin team

The Admin team run our main support group on Facebook. It is a private group whose members have joined if they are registrants going through, or have been through Fitness to Practice investigations with the NMC.