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Case Study – RMN case closed

Sep 29, 2021 | Case Studies

DC is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and was referred to the NMC in 2018.

They underwent an Interim Order Hearing but had no interim order imposed. The case continued to be investigated.

At the time of the incidents they had only been qualified for 6 months and were in a management position which, at the point of interacting with the NMC, they realised they lacked the experience to do.

There were 4 regulatory concerns raised:

Three of the allegations DC accepted. These were around failure to recognise a deteriorating patient, and implement care.

One allegation was around not administering medication which DC did not accept.

We worked with them to help them reflect on the issues that were raised and learn how if the situation was repeated they could improve their practice to ensure the same issues were not repeated.

With a thorough reflection and full evidence of current safe practice, the NMC closed the case with no sanction imposed.

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