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Case Study SG return to employment

Sep 24, 2021 | Case Studies

SG joined our group after going through her NMC Fitness to Practice process three years previously.

She asked us to help her secure a position as a support worker role or HCA.

In May 2021, she had an Interim Review Hearing of her suspension order and it was replaced with a Conditions of Practice Order which she was thrilled at as this meant she could return to work. However, it was challenging to find an employer willing to take that leap of faith to help her.

Thanks to those employers who have stepped forward to support our members we were able to put her in contact with Barnet, Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust and the rest is history.

“I had an interview today – they offered me a full time job… thank you so much for your support.”

“Good afternoon. I have been offered a band 5 newly qualified job, it’s full time for 6 months… thank you so very much”

Since writing this – this nurse is now working through PDP so they can fulfil the Conditions of Practice. We are helping her work towards revalidation also as previously she has been unable to revalidate due to being out of work.

We have emailed the NMC to get their confirmation of what the process is for revalidation in such circumstances as it is confusing for employers, HR and the nurse or midwife to understand exactly where they stand – is their PIN “active” or “inactive under supervision”?

There needs to be clear guidance available for employers in this circumstance but also for registrants who find themselves worrying and at risk of making administrative mistakes for which they can be held to account by the NMC if they misinterpret the guidance. Registrants run the risk of being charged with dishonesty when a genuine mistake can occur.

Everyone deserves compassion and most can improve if they are only given a chance…


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