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since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

Failure to Protect

Jan 9, 2023 | Fitness to Practice, Opinion | 0 comments

The NMC Annual report for 2021 – 2022:

  • 5,291 new concerns
  • 3,843 closed and not investigated
  • 1,448 investigated
  • £42 million spent to investigate these nurses
  • Annual fees are £120 – that is an excessive number of registrants fees used for this purpose
  • NMC staff turnover has increased to 11.8%
  • NMC staff that left within 6 months increased to 14.3%

Our code of conduct states four pillars: prioritise people, practise effectively, preserve safety, and promote professionalism and trust.

Why does the NMC not have to abide by the same rules?

Recording of Suicides whilst under investigation:

The NMC only started recording this data in 2019, many years behind other regulators.

2021–2022: 3 recorded instances

2020–2021: no instances;

2019–2020: 1 instance

2015/16 – 2019: 15 instances (5 per year)

We need more answers:

At what point during investigation did they die by suicide?

How many registrants under investigation attempted suicide or did self-harm?

What assessments did the NMC make to safeguard them?

What lessons were learnt and shared?

£42 million – how does this compare with other healthcare regulators?!

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