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Frequently Asked Questions

What is NMCWatch?

NMCWatch is a registrant care Community Interest Company (CIC) that provides support and guidance primarily to nurses and midwives who are facing fitness to practise (FTP) investigations or concerns about their registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

What is the purpose of NMCWatch?

NMCWatch aims to hold the NMC to account and ensure that it operates in the interests of the public and the professions it regulates.

What are the concerns about the NMC?

There are concerns about the NMC’s fitness to regulate the professions, its handling of fitness to practice cases, its governance and transparency, and its use of public funds.

Who can join NMCWatch?

Anyone who is concerned about the NMC and its fitness to regulate the professions can join NMCWatch.

How can I get involved with NMCWatch?

You can get involved with NMCWatch by becoming a member, attending events and meetings, and supporting campaigns and initiatives.

What campaigns and initiatives is NMCWatch currently involved in?

NMCWatch is currently involved in campaigns and initiatives to improve the NMC’s handling of fitness to practice cases, to ensure that the NMC operates in the interests of the public and the professions it regulates, and to increase transparency and accountability within the organisation.

Does NMCWatch have any affiliations or partnerships with other organisations?

NMCWatch is an independent organisation and does not have any affiliations or partnerships with other organisations. We are in partnership with the Laura Hyde Foundation who have awarded us our first grant, enabling our buddy scheme to be in place.

How is NMCWatch funded?

NMCWatch is funded through donations from its members and supporters.

What can people expect when they come to NMCWatch?

When people come to NMCWatch for support, they can expect a caring, confidential and professional service. The team comprises experienced nurses, midwives, and advocates committed to providing impartial and non-judgmental advice and guidance.

The specific types of support and services that NMCWatch provides include:

  1. Advice and guidance: we provide advice and guidance to nurses and midwives on a range of issues related to their registration with the NMC, including FTP concerns, referrals, and appeals.
  2. Case management: we can help manage the entire FTP process, from initial investigation through to hearings and appeals.
  3. Emotional support: Facing an FTP investigation can be a stressful and emotional experience. we provide emotional support through peer to peer support and also via our 1:1 buddy program, helping you  manage your stress and anxiety throughout the process.
  4. Advocacy: we can provide advocacy and representation to you during FtP hearings or appeals.
  5. Training and education: we provide training and education on all issues relating to FTP, professional standards, and the NMC code of conduct as well as general employment issues within healthcare
  6. Signposting: we will signpost you to other organisations that can help your specific needs

Overall, people who come to NMCWatch for support can expect a compassionate and comprehensive service that is tailored to their specific needs and circumstances.

I have an ongoing case – do I still revalidate?

This may vary depending on your case – for example if you have a interim order in place. Cases may appear to be the same or similar on the surface but when reviewed, there are usually differences that set them apart and will mean the advice we give out will also be different.

The NMC advise to contact the registrations and revalidations team directly so they can look at individual circumstances and offer advice from there – the registrations centre number is 0207 333 9333.

Can registrants who are undergoing FtP investigations still revalidate?

Yes – If a registrant has maintained their registration throughout the investigation, they can revalidate and make payments in the normal way.

No – if a registrant has not maintained their registration throughout the investigation (submitted payments / revalidation) or a suspension order was in place when their revalidation or a retention was due then no, they will not be able to revalidate.

Whilst under FtP investigations can payments and revalidation be done or does this wait until cases are closed?

The only cohort of people who must wait until cases are closed are:

  • Those who did not maintain their registration throughout the investigation period (make payment / submit revalidation)
  • Those who had a suspension order in place when their revalidation or a retention was due

If people are in this category, dependent on the outcome of the investigation or any conditions of practice, they will need to complete a readmission application upon conclusion of the case. This advice may differ depending on the outcome or conditions etc. as some registrants may be required to fulfil other requirements before they can submit a readmission application e.g. engage a return to practice course.

How long will it take for the Pin to become active again once case is closed?

The standard readmission timeframe applies to these cases. We state 1-2 weeks however, in most cases it can be within 24-72 hours depending on the quality of the information provided to us in the applications.

Does the revalidation question mean "are you currently undergoing FtP investigations by NMC or other" or does it mean "have you ever been under investigation by any regulator including the NMC"?

Regulatory Finding declaration

Have you ever been subject to a finding that your Fitness to Practice has been impaired by a body responsible for regulating or licensing a profession (including health and social care)?

This declaration is asking about investigations by other regulators. Many of our registrants are from overseas or are UK registrants that have or are working abroad on other registrations etc, and so we want registrants to declare if they’ve ever had an investigation at another regulatory body.

Can I make a donation to support NMCWatch?

Yes, you can make a donation to support us via our Donate page.

How can I contact NMCWatch?

You can contact us by sending a message via the Contact Us page.

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