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Further Support

Sep 28, 2022 | Fitness to Practice, Resources

Links to organisations that we either work closely with or you might find useful.

  • Bloom provides a really good app that can give you CBT techniques – has a 7-day free trial period so why not try it out
  • Citizens Advice Bureau.
  • Royal College of Nursing: free for RCN members – currently 4 to 5 weeks to start counselling
  • Cavell Nurse’s Trust: Assists healthcare professionals who are experiencing financial difficulties.   01527 595999.
  • Junius S. Morgan Benevolent Fund: For nurses, midwives and HCAs who have practised in the UK for at least 5 years.
  • Duty To CareOnline support for NHS workers.
  • The Laura Hyde Foundation: They offer support and guidance around mental health issues and have many resources available including a well-being service and free counselling service http:/https://laurahydefoundation.org
  • Lawworks: Charity connecting people not eligible for legal aid with lawyers.
  • Money Advice Service: Specialist debt advice and solutions. www.moneyadvice.co.uk 0333 678 5500.
  • Nurse Lifeline provides a vital listening service – run by volunteer nurses and midwives who have been trained to assist http:/https://www.nurselifeline.org.uk
  • NHS Staff Support Line. Access to this requires you to be registered with a GP. It does NOT require a GP referral or a diagnosis of a mental health condition.
  • NHS Talking Therapies. Search ‘Talking Therapies’ on www.NHS.uk.
  • Sequentus: Sequentus provide free assistance for nurses and midwives facing proceedings by the NMC where they do not have access to legal representation. Expertise comes from lawyers willing to work pro bono and also from trainee lawyers seeking more experience before they qualify.
  • Queen Mary’s Advice Centre: can offer free advice on specific advice but can not represent at hearing
  • My Possible Self: Mental health app. Uses learning modules to manage fear, anxiety and stress.
  • NHS Talking Therapies: Don’t need a GP referral or diagnosed mental health condition, just need to be registered with a GP.
  • NMC Careline  – don’t worry this is completely independent of the NMC
  • Johnathon Whines counselling and psychotherapy: experienced in dealing with physical effects of trauma
  • RCN Lamplight Support Service (PDF): Provides support to the nursing community with financial issues
  • Healthcare Workers’ Foundation: Founded by NHS workers for NHS workers.
  • Turn2UsOpen to non-membersCharity providing information and support during financial difficulties.
  • Whistleblowers UKLeading organisation for Whistleblowers. They are available to whistleblowers to speak to confidentially for advice. They look at whistleblowing across all professions, not just healthcare, so they have a lot of experience.

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