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Challenging DBS Scotland

Apr 19, 2021 | Resources

We have had a few members struggle with imposed restrictions on working by DBS Scotland – despite being free to work via NMC proceedings.
Simon Holborn has assisted one registrant on our group and she is happy to share the content of the letter.
If you need assistance on this aspect or any other issues relating to NMC process please contact us on support@nmcwatch.co.uk
We are working with Simon to build a model that will enable some monies to be put back into the NMCW fund to enable us to continue to support others. By working with Simon we are able to build data on case specifics and common themes which can then be challenged with the NMC and associated organisations.
Dear Sirs,
Ref- Our Ref: XXXX
Your letter Date: XXXX
We have been asked to assist XXX in respect to an entry on your Disclosure Scotland system which is preventing her from working and has now potentially brought her into conflict with the Irish Police.
xxx is at a loss to understand why the restriction was placed on in the first place but as can be seen by the enclosed NMC review she now cannot see why it remains active and would ask that it be removed as quickly as possible as it is have an adverse effect upon her personal and work life
I enclose previous correspondence and the NMC review of restrictions which are relevant
I have copied XXX in on this email and she will confirm that we are acting on her behalf
Kind regards
Dear XXX
I have been asked by XXX to assist her in this and I am happy to provide the information that I have. I am not a solicitor but have assisted XXX in her ftp matter in front of the NMC and as a favour I wrote to Disclosure Scotland as it appeared that some sort of entry was on her file which was preventing her working,
I enclose what evidence I have. It is not my area of expertise but XXX is/was entitled to work as designated by the NMC from 21/4/2020.Perhaps more confusing to me is why the Registrant was barred by Disclosure Scotland.
I have written to them on XXX’s behalf for a formal explanation and am happy to copy you in on any response I receive. You can see in the substantive order review the nature of the allegations and it does not seem appropriate that those which were found to be substantiated. XXX is concerned at the reason why the matter should have been referred and become the subject of any barring but in any event the Registrant is now clear to work and so the continued barring in Scotland must be questionable,
If I can help further then let me know
Kind regards
Simon (iEmploy Ltd) Scot

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