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Template letter re NMC Legal Teams

Apr 18, 2021 | Resources

If you are unhappy about a solicitor ( case presenter or legal assessor ) you have come across during your NMC process you can complain about their conduct. One of our group, Paul Golden, who set up the organisation Human Rights Action ( HRA )  has drafted a template letter that you can use.
Formal Complaint / Referral

Human Rights Action (HRA) & Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC)

  1. This is a complaint about Nursing Midwifery Council lawyers generally and specifically *NAME* who is an employed solicitor at the NMC.
  2. The complaint is for
    1. Dishonesty
    2. Bias
    3. Misrepresentation
  3. The NMC work with vulnerable registrants who are treated to lies and misrepresentation generally and specifically [name] lied to the NMC [interim / hearing panel] on [date].
  4. [Name] has presented information in a way that demonstrates extreme bias and prejudice. This skewering information is a common feature at the NMC and is illegal.
  5. [name] did this by stating that
    1. the registrant had received a bundle of complaint documents despite having clear documentation that the registrant did not receive the documents.
    2. There is clear paper trail of evidence showing how the registrant requested information from the NMC,
    3. made several subject access requests (SAR) (FOI),
    4. The registrant requested information to be made available without encryption / passwords that were preventing them accessing the documents.
  6. [NAME] did not fact check or verify information that was presented by (a vexatious) complainant. That and other acts and omissions amount to dishonest unprofessional conduct.
    1. The consequences of which can reasonably foreseeable lead to death or serious injury as the vulnerable registrants experience suicidal ideation and actuality at worst and PTSD depression and stress at best as a direct consequence of [NAME] (and other case presenters for the NMC).
  7. [NAME] failed to recuse themselves – when challenged about their bias prejudice and misrepresentations.
  8. [NAME] continues to represent the NMC against the author of this referral.
  9. This conduct is breaching human rights (UNCHR Articles 3, 6, 8 and 14).
  10. This is in breach of the SRA code of ethics and the law. This is actionable.
  11. This complaint is a formal referral to the SRA for it to investigate and to act to protect the public.
  12. This is a course of conduct that is endemic in the culture at the NMC. This may be a course of conduct that is repeated by the individual solicitor [NAME] who showed no insight into their behaviour when challenged.
  13. Please respond with what the SRA can and will do.
  14. A further referral will be made today to the
    1. * Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and another to the
    2. * International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity.
    3. Police (e.g. Metropolitan if in London or reNMC based in London – see link to online complaint then use the Reference number given. Even if the police dont take any action it is logged as a criminal case that can be taken as a private prosecution)
  15. If there is any failure by the SRA to act then a N1 claim form will be sent to the SRA and filed with the courts for any failures of the regulatory body.
Please feel free to clarify anything by email to
enter your email and name etc
cc. support@nmcwatch.co.uk

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