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Template letter to NMC: CoP impact on employment

Apr 18, 2021 | Resources

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Ms Andrea Sutcliffe, CEO and Registrar The Nursing and Midwifery Council

By email: Andrea.Sutcliffe@nmc-uk.org


Please choose the CNO relevant to you and delete the rest:

Ms Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer(England) / Jean White(Wales) / Charlotte McArdle(Ireland) / Professor Amanda Croft ( Scotland )       

By email: Ruth.may2@nhs.net /  OCNOMailbox@gov.wales/ Charlotte.McArdle@health- ni.gov.uk / nhsg.grampianchiefexecutive@nhs.net




Dear Ms Sutcliffe and Ms May / McQueen / White / McArdle ( delete as appropriate )

I am writing to you as a member of NMCWatch: registrant care CIC but also as one of your nurses / midwives ( delete as appropriate ) in the hope that you can assist me in returning to the workplace. We are in unprecedented and terrifying times with the COVID-19 crisis and I feel it is part of my professional responsibility to help, however I am currently unable to due to ongoing NMC investigation.


I was referred to the NMC on  enter date and on the enter date received an Interim Conditions of Practice. Since receiving this sanction I have been unable to secure work and am told by potential employers this is due to the ongoing investigation by the NMC.


It is frustrating to see our country in such desperate need for nurses and midwives, now more than ever, and not be able to assist, especially when my case has not even been heard yet and any evidence examined. I was encouraged to see the NMC’s swift move on providing a temporary register and hope that I may be able to join this also to play my part during the crisis.  I am aware that there are approximately 750 nurses or midwives with Interim COP’s and I wonder how many of them are in the same situation as I am but could also play some part in staffing during these times.


This is in no means meant to deter the NMC away from their duty to investigate concerns and I appreciate that this must happen in order to protect the public. However, I am also aware that the longer I am out of practice the harder it will be to persuade the NMC that I pose no current risk.


I thank you for your time in reading this and hope you can assist in this matter.


With best wishes and hope for your own personal health during this crisis


Yours sincerely


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Download this page

Download a PDF version of this page to your device.

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