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What is a case conference?

Jun 18, 2021 | Resources

A Case Conference is a meeting – usually by phone but can be done by online meeting between your legal representative and the NMC case presenter. The legal assessor and sometimes the chair of the panel will attend to ensure fairness and transparency. If these two are not in attendance then the Listings Officer will chair the meeting. The meeting will usually last for 30 – 40 minutes.

The notes from a case conference will be provided to you after the conference, conference notes do not generally form part of the bundle or the evidence we use at your hearing, however, if there was a dispute about what was agreed at a later stage, we may ask the panel to look at the notes and they would make the decision about whether to allow us to use the notes as evidence or not. You can request that anything of relevance is put in front of the panel if you feel this is important and leave it to the panel to decide what is admissible and what is not. The case presenter will tell the panel on Day 1 that the meeting has taken place and any issues arising and your representative will confirm this as accurate.  We would always recommend that you take accurate notes of this meeting for your own reference and ask that the NMC also document and share their record of this.

The case conference is not mandatory but it is a really good way for you and the NMC case preparation team to prepare for the hearing.

If you haven’t been offered this please ask for it to happen as it can make a big difference.  

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