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Appealing an Interim Review Order

May 10, 2021 | Appeals, Resources, Templates

This template has been put together by Human Rights Action and shared with us to help anyone considering challenging the outcome of an interim order review.

*** Date ***

Re  NAME ** PIN **

  1. This is an appeal of the Interim Review Order of ** DATE **
  1. The reason for the appeal is primarily that there was no bilateral communication with the registrant or their representative to determine a workable solution to imposing conditions of practice (COP).  ** or explain/outline other reasons **
  1. In addition, there has not been any transcript provided.
  1. This was not a proper Interim Review Hearing as there was no hearing from the prosecution (NMC) about the veracity of the allegations.
    1. Questions put by the registrant and their representative to the NMC via the panel were ignored.
    1. The panel simply re-stated the NMC position that if the allegations are grave that warrants sanctions without any proof or validity about the allegations.
    1. The panel ignored the fact that the allegations are known to be vexatious
    2.  **and list / show other reasons **
  1. The panel were not well trained, supervised or supported in making their decisions.
  2. ** give your observations of any failings by the panel / NMC presenter (lying etc) **

There is a legal requirement for fairness which includes bilateral communication with the registrant, not simply imposition orders that are unreasonable or unworkable.

The NMC is not exempt from proper judicial considerations.

The law requires that the NMC  includes the registrant in its determinations.

Actions required by the NMC

  1. Arrange urgent Interim Review.  This will be to establish a workable solution to provide COP.
  1. Provide the transcript of the Hearing ** date **.
  1. Review current practices re COP and all NMC investigations with
    1. stakeholders
    2. public
    3. registrants.

Please confirm receipt of this appeal by return email today.  Thank you.

Wishing you well

*** Name ***

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