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Win at all costs

Mar 8, 2022 | Fitness to Practice, Opinion | 0 comments

This week one of our members attended a virtual hearing – afterwards he asked if anyone had met the case presenter before, as he had some concerns.

On googling her she has only recently joined the NMC legal team and her background is somewhat concerning.


Dulcie Piff


Practice & Background

Dulcie previously gained experience at Galbraith Branley Solicitors in North London. She became Police Station Accredited in 2013 and gained extensive experience in Criminal and Prison Law. She has represented numerous clients at the Police Station for offences ranging from Fraud to Serious Sexual Offences and Assaults. Other work has included meticulous preparation for trials in the Magistrates’ and Crown Court.
Dulcie joined Birds Solicitors in January 2016 [edit: has appeared to have moved on now], having focused primarily on Prison Law for the previous 18 months. She robustly represents clients in front of the independent
Adjudicator, Further to this, Dulcie conscientiously prepares and represents her clients in hearings in front of the Parole Board. These include vulnerable and young offenders, recall prisoners and IPP and Life sentenced prisoners.

Significant & Reported Cases

Examples of Dulcie’s current and recent cases include but are not limited to the following :-
Parole Board v M.I. – successfully represented convicted murderer who was recalled to prison for a new assault offence. Represented client in the criminal matter which resulted in the case being discontinued and then successfully secured client’s re-release following the
Parole Board hearing.
Parole Board v A.T. – successfully represented well known gang member convicted of serious drugs offences, recalled to custody on two separate occasions
Parole Board v S.C. – successfully secured a client’s release from open conditions. He was convicted of serious child sex offences and had already spent a substantial period of time in custody.
Parole Board v D.P. – successfully represented client who was recalled to custody and then held on section under the Mental Health Act. Case involved complex medical evidence.
Parole Board v MT. – successfully represented convicted gang robber who was recalled to custody for further allegations of robbery.

Professional Memberships

Association of Prison Lawyers (APL)
The Law Society
Education & Languages
Dulcie graduated from the University of Manchester in 2010 with a BSocSc (Hons) degree in Politics and International Relations, after which she undertook the law conversion course in 2011
Dulcie completed the Legal Practice Course at the College of Law in 2012 and was awarded the prize of Best Student on the Legal Aid Route. She went on to complete her training contract and subsequently qualified as a Solicitor in 2015.

We know from our experience that NMC lawyers use their regulatory expertise in order to add to their prosecution success history. Is this really the best place to start in a system that is supposed to be neutral to protect the public but ensure context is examined and the truth established?

If lawyers are recruited with this career history then a non-represented nurse or midwife, one with a union-based representative or one with poor representation, will not stand a chance.

It seems this lady is extremely good at her job, even though those she has represented and “got off” are not necessarily in keeping with a healthcare regulator who is about protecting the public from such people. A scared and frightened nurse or midwife wouldn’t stand a chance.

#winatallcosts #needmorecompassion #defendtheindefensible #payingourfeesforthis

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