What are Pre-Meeting and Case Conferences

Mar 8, 2022 | Fitness to Practice, Resources

A pre-meeting can occur before your case to look at any aspects that are uncertain or need clarification from both parties.

A case can’t be closed down at a Pre-Meeting. A Pre-Meeting is for the panel to give directions with regard to issues being raised, such as those around disclosure and is your opportunity to speak to the panel about your case.

You, your representative, the case lawyer, a legal assessor and a panel will be present at the Pre-Meeting.



A Case Conference can also help the smooth running of a hearing and is done up to 6 weeks before the hearing to iron out any aspects relating to the bundle and ongoing issues from the pre-meeting that are still to resolve. Your representative and the case lawyer will be present at the case conference. It will look to confirm the following:

  • the content of the hearing bundle
  • which witnesses are required
  • issues in dispute
  • hearing length.

More information can be found in these search results.

Both pre-meetings and case conferences are useful tools to help prepare you for your hearing. They can also ensure unnecessary delays are avoided as well as give you insight into what is required to prepare prior to the hearing. The NMC won’t automatically invite you to attend one but you can request it and should do so to give you the best opportunity to prepare – ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE REPRESENTING YOURSELF.

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