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Attending Hearings: can people attend during Covid?

Apr 18, 2021 | Resources, Templates

During the pandemic hearings are continuing but happening virtually rather than in person.
Hearings are as always held in private or in public domain. If they are in the public domain some parts may be put into private if they concern confidential health issues or particularly private issues relating to the registrant, patient’s involved or the referrer.
If the hearing is held in public domain – either fully or in part people can still attend as members of the public. The NMC do limit the numbers however and need some notice to set up but you are allowed to do so. Their guidance can be found here with specific guidance on visual hearings here
If you know of someone who wants to listen in to your hearing get them to email the following email address ( observer.bookings@nmc-uk.org ) cc your email into the request in so the NMC know you consent to them attending. The NMC prefer 48hrs notice to set this up but can do so at shorter notice on some occasions.
When your hearing starts make it clear to the panel you are happy for it all to be held in public that way you observer can observe all aspects.
Your observer will need to be on mute and not interrupt in any way – ensure they are requesting as a member of the public and not a member of NMCWatch but feel free to feedback any areas of concern to the group.
At the end of your hearing email your case officer and request the FULL transcripts of the hearing. These are in addition to the notes which you will automatically get a copy with and will appear on the NMC website. The transcripts are EVERYTHING – the secretary has written as spoken and they can lead to some interesting reading, especially if you want to appeal the decision. It can take some time to get them so request them as early as possible, but they should be provided free of charge.

Here’s a template letter to use:

Dear (enter case officer name)
Re: Enter Name and Case Number
Please supply me with the full transcripts of my hearing that was held on (enter date and venue) to …. and from … to …
I would appreciate these being sent to me as soon as is convenient.
** Your name **

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