000 days

since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re still watching!

What our LGBTQ liaison does

Role description & responsibilities

This role is part of the subgroup that supports the CIC committee.

The role’s tasks include:

  1. Understand and familiarise themselves with the appropriate policies in place:
  2. Raising and Escalating Concerns Policy
  3. Safeguarding Policy
  • Ensure group members from the LGBTQ community who have joined NMCW feel appropriately supported
  • Ensure barriers to speaking up are addressed
  • Ensure a sensitive and positive culture to the specific needs of this group is fostered
  • Advise the CIC committee on any specific issues arising that they need to be aware of and/or address.
  • Operate independently, impartially and professionally
  • Review current policies and advise the committee of any amendments required
  • Attend CiC committee meeting three times a year to feedback on role and issues arising ( March, September & November )
  • Make themselves available to support group members who require it
  • Work alongside the safeguarding lead where needed
  • Signpost to other organisations that can additionally support e.g. Stand up Foundation https://standupfoundation-uk.org
  • Advise CIC committee on any aspects to address with the annual aims and campaigning set out. 

Qualities and Skills Required

The Freedom to Speak Up Guardian role requires a range of skills and competencies. These are set out in the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian Education and Training Guide.

These include, but are not limited to, skills and competencies in:

  • Communication
  • Partnership building and relationship management
  • Knowledge of the speaking up agenda and local systems
  • Driving continuous improvement
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Measuring effectiveness and impact
  • Training and capability building
  • Working with senior leaders

Time Commitment

1 – 2 hours per month

Length of Position: Minimum 1 year