Become an Associate Member

Help support NMCWatch – become an Associate Member.

What do you get?

The satisfaction of helping us sustain the activities of NMCWatch.
  • supporting people facing the stresses of FtP challenges.
  • sustaining our work to get longer-term improvements to the FtP process.
Donations and subscriptions support our work – but your membership means much more than that. When we talk to policy-makers about changes, it’s a real help to have people behind us who think what we are doing is important, and who have “put their money where their mouth is”.
We keep you up-to-date with what we’re doing – for example at an annual forum where the committee reports on the year’s activities and where you can vote for the members of the Executive Committee, or can put yourself forward for that committee.

What don’t you get?

Any special priority for help from us. We support many Registrants, but we can’t take on every case to the same level. We aim to help where we can be most effective. That’s based on our judgement of the individual, the circumstances and the possible wider impact. But it’s not based on whether you are an Associate Member or not. So, becoming an Associate Member is like contributing to an NHS charity – it’s not like taking out a subscription to BUPA.

What does it cost?

A one-off payment of £10 makes you an Associate Member of NMCWatch. Although there is currently no annual subscription, we welcome anyone who is able and willing to make regular contributions too. Equally, if £10 is unaffordable, talk to us in confidence and we’ll see if there’s another way to involve you.
To start your membership please email Peter Bates, our Director of Finance.
NMCWatch: Registrant Care is a Community Interest Company registered in England, no. 12383189