Impact statements

Jan 18, 2022 | Resources, Templates

The criminal justice system has used impact statements for a while now.

Although they are rarely used in civil cases such as those occurring in regulation, the NMC is starting to use impact statements from relatives of patients and patients themselves.

You can also use Impact Statements as part of an appeal to explain to the judge the effect the sanction has had on your personal and professional life so as to give them some context when considering the proportionality of your FtP investigation.

An example of an impact statement (author – Paul Golden) 

Witness (victim) Impact statement

[Name of Registrant]

These proceedings are unreasonable unfair and disproportionate.

The impact on the registrant includes the following:

  1. Loss of work for ** months/years.
  2. Loss of income estimated to be around £XX,XXX pa
  3. Loss of opportunity, including professional progression nationally and internationally.
  4. Loss of personal and professional reputation.
  5. Loss of Home.
  6. Wasted Costs on this case (including seeking advice/administration support)
  7. Wasted Time spent communicating with the Regulatory Body the NMC PSA et al.
  8. Loss of Health: ‘Reactive Depression’ is recorded by the GP in relation to these proceedings.
  9. Loss of Human Rights and other rights as illustrated in the witness statement and case documents; e.g. Loss of Private and Family Life.
  10. Loss of Dignity and Personal Safety (NMC using private investigators to track the Registrant’s whereabouts). **

Signed ……………………………………..

Dated  ………………………………………

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