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This list gives the basic information about each case that we have been involved with in recent years. Due to the sensitive nature of what we do, and unless otherwise indicated, we have kept the information anonymous and brief to enable those we support to move on with their lives, with as little intrusion as possible.

  • March 2024
    • Case study to come – nurse of 30yrs, Int suspension order Jan 2022 following one-off incident with a patient not repeated before or since. We met her partway through her hearing which began in Feb 2023. Initially, she had not attended but later in the hearing in Feb she attended with family support. We took over her case in October 2023. After over 2 years of process and multiple interim order reviews we secured a Conditions of Practice order for her at her substantive hearing this month.
  • Feb 2024
    • Case 1 successfully reduced a suspension order to a workable conditions of practice
    • Cases 2 – 4 successful in getting CoP’s changed to workable and less obstructive for employment
  • Jan 2024 midwife facing 5 charges following 4 year investigation period, successfully found no misconduct and no impairment – case closed. Read the case study.
  • Jan 2024 – Int CoP review – successfully amended CoP to allow unsupervised practice (NMC stated risk had not changed – we demonstrated it had).
  • Jan 2024 – restoration hearing successful.
  • Jan 2024 NMC asking for a suspension order, we successfully enable a workable Conditions of Practice Order – order can be seen here.
  • September 2023 – Interim order review – gained workable CoP v’s the suspension that the NMC were wanting. We continued to assist the registrant to show remediation and the case was closed in Jan 2024 with no case to answer.
  • July 2023 – Interim order review hearing – IO CoP lifted.
  • April 2023 – Advocacy and Buddy program mentored to submission of supporting evidence of professional practice – found no longer impaired and suspension order allowed to expire. Read the case study.
  • March 2023 – Advocacy and Buddy program mentored to submission of supporting evidence of professional practice – no interim order placed. Case closed at screening with no further action.

  • January 2023 – attended an interim order hearing, where NMC was aiming for an Interim Suspension order. Advocacy and Buddy program mentored to submission of supporting evidence of professional practice – Interim Conditions of Practice implemented
  • November 2022 – following a strike-off in 2011 we successfully helped a nurse apply for restoration to the register. She was restored with a stipulation to undertake a Return to Practice course
  • November 2022– 13 months from referral nurse has case closed, with no case to answer outcome but warning placed on record for 12 months.
  • October 2022 – a nurse referred anonymously on grounds of clinical incompetence. We supported her in submitting the appropriate response and evidence and her case was closed at screening
  • October 2022 – we assisted this nurse to join the employment pilot and she worked for a year with a trust that we linked her to in order to achieve her CoP requirements. Previously the RCN told her she could not request an early review but we felt she could as she completed everything 2 months before the order was due to finish. With our support and good representation of learning, she got the CoP lifted with immediate effect and wished well with her future career from the NMC
  • September 2022 – following 2 years of process case was closed with no impairment, only a few months after our involvement began
  • November 2020: mediator support to encourage positive working with union representation ( explaining unions decision making and also prompting registrant on key points to discuss with union rep ) – no interim order
  • October 2021 – case closed at hearing due to insufficient evidence and a poor single witness
  • August 2021 – no case to answer & case closed to RN misconduct case
  • July 2021 – written warning given and no further action
  • April 2021 –  case closed following reflection support
  • March 2021 – case closed at hearing after nearly 3 years of process due to an unreliable single witness and insufficient evidence
  • March 2021 – case closed by case examiners after support with full remediation and evidence provision
  • January 2021 – acted as McKenzie Friend: no impairment – no sanction
  • October 2020 – securing an amendment to COP
  • February 2020: mentorship and guidance to self-litigant – successful restoration to register
  • Jan – July 2020: successful review of an interim order
  • November 2019: acted as McKenzie Friend – impaired at time but not currently, no misconduct, no sanction
  • June 2019 – case closed following remediation and reflections
  • February 2019 self-litigant successfully challenged NMC strike-off order
  • October 2018 – Mental Health Nurse successfully restored to the register
  • May 2018 – acted as McKenzie Friend during a hearing, helping advocate for an interpreter to assist with the nuances of language that could have been lost  – workable COP

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