Life’s rich tapestry

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First published 24 April 2017, by Cathryn Watters

One of the best things about us running our business is the inspirational people we have met along the way. It never ceases to amaze us how many wonderful people we have come across and tapestrystill continue to meet.

For example, having recently started going to local markets we meet a family team where dad sells scrumptious sweets and fudge and son markets his supply of free range eggs. Without getting to know them, we may have walked by at the market after glancing at the stall and only passed a “good morning” or “not today thank you”. However, getting to know them over the past few weeks has been a pleasure and finding out like us it is a life choice for them to be doing what they are doing at market. The son is qualified to PhD in organic chemistry – who would have thought it?! We’ve also met Andy who only lives a few roads away from us and we share some mutual friends but again we would never have met if not for being next door on the market, his wicked sense of humour and his love of sausage rolls!

People pass by and tell us “Oh you’re Keeley House Bakery – we’ve heard about you…” and then others who have been to our honesty box just a few hours before.

Since my last blog I’ve been contacted by many people who sympathise with what has been going on and offering their support. Many stories of similar situations, we were oblivious to but sharing the same level of anxiety and trauma. It’s true you never know what someone is going through – their journey is unique. Even the curate from our local church which I am somewhat of an ad hoc visitor to, dropped by and offered his support — something that would have been easy not to do but meant so much.

As I prepare for my appeal I am given encouragement by people who barely know me and others who have only met me through my blog or online presence. I’ve joined an online support group and again have been quite shocked by the number of people out there who have been through similar experiences to me.

Life’s Rich Tapestry is a bit of a family joke, a saying my dad uses but actually is very apt. So many things interweaved, all telling our story where one part finishes and another starts, not always understanding the path it is taking us but all with a purpose.

My mood is more melancholy now having digested all that has been going on and as much as I rally against it I realise there is a plan out there for us all, it just takes time to understand it completely – my journey is still ongoing.

I am less angry and more philosophical, what will be will be, a new psychology for me of late. As I send in more paperwork to the courts to complete the next stage of my appeal process the internal goosebumps disappear quicker than before and I am able to be more detached from the whole thing. Someone online advised me “you have to detach yourself and look at it in the third person, as if new to the information to get clarity” – sound advice, again from a stranger who didn’t need to help. The support from our local community is awe-inspiring, those few who have put up barriers pale into insignificance compared to those who are full of encouragement and are keen for us to succeed. Again, confirmation that there was a plan I think, without the recent trauma we would have not been able to focus on building the business as much as we have but with the trauma has come the ability to achieve greater things quicker than we ever anticipated. I still have moments of doubt but there’s no rush, if the plan is that the case is dropped then that’s ok too. The initial rage of wanting others to be “caught” has now subsided, it’s a negative energy and one if not balanced will eat away at you – that’s not who I am or want to be. They had their reasons, although I must admit, a part of me does hope that Karma shows its face…

So for anyone out there who is struggling with understanding why things are happening in the way there are – take a moment – breathe and wait – it’s amazing what follows.

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