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Apr 6, 2021 | Employment Issues, Fitness to Practice | 0 comments

We are thrilled to have a commitment from our first NHS Trust to support our members seeking to gain employment whilst under Fitness to Practice investigations with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Carolyn Green, Executive Director of Nursing and Patient Experience Derbyshire Healthcare NHS FT, has joined us in pioneering this model. This information will be published on their website this week with Carolyn urging others at her level to do the same.  We are inspired and so grateful for this huge step forward. Our members are from all over the UK and so we hope that other trusts will follow suit.

Those who have also pledged their support include:

  • Professor Nancy Fontaine, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

NMCWatch: registrant care CIC Employment through Fitness to Practice (FtP)

NMCWatch is a voluntary organisation that offers practical and emotional support to those undergoing Fitness to Practice investigations by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. We have all been through the process ourselves so offer a unique skill set to assist others. We are not assigned to any union or legal representative organisation. We can provide peer-to-peer support via our Facebook group, so you can cope with this stressful process and regain your personal and professional confidence.

We also campaign for fairer process and kindly educate those involved in regulation to ensure this is not performed to the detriment of the profession and those in it. We all want safe patient care and are dedicated to ensuring our workforce provides this.

Carolyn Green said:

Derbyshire Healthcare is honoured to work with NMCWatch and nursing colleagues who have had this stressful period in their lives. We believe that all nurses enter the profession to work within the requirements of the role and we believe in-stepping is in keeping with who we are as a learning organisation. We would like to support colleagues at this time with a little extra support and encouragement to flourish.

As a Director of Nursing I would recommend to Directors of Nursing colleagues all over the country to reach out to NMCWatch, and support our nurses to join our organisations.

We are pleased to be working in partnership with Derbyshire NHS Healthcare Foundation Trust to assist those to achieve the criteria of Conditions of Practice orders. This will enable nurses and midwives under investigation to actively remediate concerns through lived clinical experience.

NMCWatch is so grateful to Carolyn and her team for their commitment to supporting registrants keen to continue working despite ongoing investigation with the NMC. We appreciate it is a leap of faith but are committed to ensuring we all play our part in supporting these vulnerable colleagues in regaining their professional and personal identity again. We would welcome being contacted by any other Heads of Nursing / Midwifery equally willing to explore similar working pathways.


Carolyn Green
Executive Director of Nursing and Patient Experience Derbyshire Healthcare NHS FT.

Cathryn Watters (RGN)
Founder NMCWatch Registrant care.

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