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since the NMC committed to investigate its ‘established procedures’. We’re watching!

Unhappy with how the NMC have treated you?

Aug 6, 2022 | Fitness to Practice, Resources | 0 comments

NMCWatch is in regular contact with the NMC feeding back common themes and how the process can be improved

Andrea Sutcliffe – the CEO – has herself asked us to encourage our members to complain officially when things do not go as they should.

You can do this by emailing them at complaints@nmc-uk.org

It is a separate team that investigates complaints so will not have a negative impact on your case. By raising a complaint – the investigation into it is tracked and the outcomes recorded. This is then assessed when the Professional Standards Authority ( PSA ) do its annual reviews.

You can of course speak to your case officer but whilst this may resolve an immediate issue it won’t necessarily tie up any systemic issues that are causing the problem and may be affecting a number of other registrants too – it’s a bit like raising a DATIX or incident form…


  1. You must discuss this with your legal rep first as some unions will drop your representation if you do something without agreeing to it with you first. If your union rep refuses to allow a complaint, make a note of what has happened and we can raise it on your behalf once the case is closed.
  2. The complaints email is for issues which are about poor process and not just to complain that you feel being referred is unfair.
  3. Make sure the email is short and clear giving bullet points on the key issues you want addressing – they can ask for more info when they need it

It’s good if you copy us into the email too so we can raise any common themes with the NMC when we have our quarterly meetings with them. Please do this by cc’ing us at support@nmcwatch.org.uk

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